Spring Course Baroque Cello & Harpsichord

Sabiñán, Aragón (Spain) May 2-6 2011

Spring Course Baroque Cello & Harpsichord

Lucia Swarts & Siebe Henstra

for music students, advanced amateurs and professionals

Activities : Daily lessons in form of Master Class,
excursion in the middle of the course (on
Wednesday), workshop by Titus Crijnen on
harpsichord maintenance (voicing, regulating etc.),
final concert in the Church, discussions etc.

Number of participants : 5-10 per teacher

Language : English (with possibly some Dutch,
German, French, Spanish if necessary)

Repeftoire : You can bring any baroque repertoire for cello & harpsichord solo or cello with basso continuo. However we want to suggest the following repertoire :

Cello :
A. Vivaldi, sonatas
J.L Duport Gabrielli etudes
J.S. Bach, suites

Harpsichord :
G. Frescobaldi
J. Pzn. Sweelinck
J.S.& C.Ph.E. Bach

Enrollment:March 15 closing date, upon registration an initial fee of € 50 should be paid to be deducted later off the total fee. The fee uncluding the registration fee is € 250 excl. Lodging & Food

More info :
MusicaAntiqua me.com

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